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rpg_admin's Journal

RPG Administrators Community
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This is the community for people who run or host roleplaying games of all varieties. Are you a game master, dungeon master, story teller, MU* wizard, livejournal RPG moderator or an RP by E-Mail host? Then this is the community for you.

This is a tool for communication. To share ideas, opinions, anecdotes or advice. To vent about problems or ask for help. Anyone who administrates an RPG of some sort, be it table top, lj community, play by email, etc., is welcome to join. Doesn't matter if the theme is original or based on a bookworld or anime or movie.

The only rule here is to be curteous to the other members of the community. There is likely going to be a lot of different opinions, while you don't have to agree, you should try to respect someone else's viewpoint.

Any questions or comments, address them to the moderator: fallofrain

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If you would like a community added to the list, please contact fallofrain.