Silas Lews (dt_admin) wrote in rpg_admin,
Silas Lews

Not sure what to do...

So, this is an unorthodox method of attempting to contact the maintainer/moderator of this site. I've tried sending a message to the moderator (as listed in this community's profile), but it seems that the moderator's account has disabled private messaging. So...I'm not really left with many options other than making a new account and submitting this post in the hopes that the mod will see it and read it.

I submitted an ad for my RPG site (Deathstown) about two weeks ago. Since then, other posts and ads have been approved, but not mine. I haven't heard anything on what's wrong with my post, and I'm fairly certain I haven't broken any guidelines. My post appears to still be in the queue, because I can't resubmit another post with the account that submitted the first one. This is frustrating, because I have no idea what's wrong and I have almost no way of contacting the moderator to find out what's wrong.

So if you read this, could you please message me? Thank you.
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