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  War is rampant, you'd think that would be a little more obvious out in the streets. The graffiti is everywhere, no one cares to clean it up anymore. For the most part life is still pretty normal, there's a little less maintenance around the place, but considering this is an active war zone, the centre of the whole bloody mess, that's not all too strange. The only different part is for the past fifty, sixty, maybe hundred years or so, Humans haven't been the only ones ruling the earth. No one really expected Bram Stoker or Anne Rice to actually be right… It's funny how it used to just be this silly idea that people used as entertainment.

  This city used to have a name, and it'd be on a plaque or in a book somewhere if anyone ever cared to learn it. Since the war came here it's just been known as The Centre… Why anyone would want to confine a war to this place is beyond anybody, but since it has been so long, a lot of people took to calling the place Paradise City. Some people think it was the army boys who called it that - the ones who are away from home to stay and hunt vampires.

  Really, they're not even Vampires. They call themselves Vipers, like the snakes, no one cares to know why that is either. Things don't really need explaining out here, they usually just are. Vipers are a lot like Vampires though, most people don't bother with the difference, they drink blood and that's all anyone cares. There are real Vampires too, they hate Vipers for causing the whole big mess in the first place. Vampires don't really cause much trouble with the war and such, they prefer to mind their own business. Some got up in arms after some rebels burnt down a coven somewhere along the east coast, but for bloodsuckers they're pretty friendly.

  The US Military doesn't care about the difference though, nor does the Rebel Resistance Association, they like to kill bloodsuckers without question. They'll kill anything that isn't human, though the RRA is much more open about that, hanging werewolf heads from balconies and boasting about demons slain. Even if they don't have the robotics and cyborg technology of the Army, the RRA do alright for themselves.
  A role-play set in a futuristic/fantasy setting, Paradise City is set in the midst of a guerrilla style war between humans and the supernatural - particularly a vampire-like species known as Vipers. Players are invited to join our community, to either play a Viper or a human, or bring their own lore and ideas to the table and really go wild.

  We are an open community who will not judge you for whatever you bring to the table, new and experienced players alike are welcome. Likewise, you can have your Vampire or Werewolf work however you like - if Sandy changes into a fox when someone says the trigger word, or if you want to play something by one canon rather than another, that's fine by us. All we mind is that your lore is fair and reasonable, and that you have fun.

  We are currently looking to get 10 applications before we officially open. So please, come check us out, we'd love to have you by.
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