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New noir-themed adult RPG. Game opens with 6 applications.

The world is in disorder. The city is burning.
The rich get away with murder.
Corruption is everywhere.

Centralized in Chicago, this game is inspired by Christopher Nolan's Batman movieverse. Dark and gritty, Chicago is not unlike the Gotham of the Dark Knight trilogy, the only difference in Fire Rises there are no superheroes or supervillains. It's our world as we know it, all very much real just gone to hell.

In this AU game, the politics of Chicago has been dominated by controversy, corruption, and scandals. This political environment allows for organized crime to flourish, influencing many sectors of government and business, including enforcement and law. Many have tried to oppose, few have managed to leave a footprint. Though blanketed in a cloak of opulence, Chicago's lower class lives in their own sort of hell. They rely on the mercy of those above and find any avenue possible (usually organized crime) to provide a level of comfort for their family.

Organized crime that has begun to increase their profits by selling both illegal and prescription drugs. Prostitution is on the rise. Many popular tourist attractions are now closed off after a spike in violent crimes. Now, those who venture to these locations venture at their own risk.

While many flock to gated communities, or the safer suburbs while still commuting to the city for work, there are still those who refuse to leave the city, despite the rise of crime. This game is also open to any law officers, citizens who stand their ground and choose to fight for their city, lawyers, public servants, government officials and civilians. A city needs people. How will the people react to these changes? That is entirely up to you.

*Fire Rises is an original adult-friendly game, open to both het and slash pairings alike. This community welcomes PBs, AU and original characters. See our list of wanted characters here.

This is not Gotham City, this is your city.
Chicago, Illinois, August 2012
The fire rises.

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