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Charles Xavier has always been a man who has looked out for those who were, like himself, different. In a world where 'different' is automatically considered bad, he has tried to do what's best for humans. He has attempted to show them that the highly gifted and evolved individuals he works with aren't as terrible as the world makes them out to be. But despite his best efforts, the treatment towards those who were different never improved and eventually Xavier was forced to take action.

Charles continued to aid the humans in their problems, always having his loyal X-Men around to help those in need and eventually created a school for the highly gifted youngsters that were just learning to wield and control their power. As the years progressed, the school became rather popular and in recent years, Charles has expanded his home to create a place for mutants of all ages. Aside from the school, he founded a town dedicated to everyone gifted, young or old. Although not everyone could attend the institute, they would still be able to learn from those around them.

The town of Xavier opened early last year and it is slowly becoming more popular as the days pass. How will your character fit into this new world dedicated to them and their powers? Will they eventually turn to the darker side of their power? You will just have to come find out!

mutantmod is a crack-based, alternative universe, panfandom game that's set within the X-Men universe.