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Dark AU Digimon RPG

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YAMATO - Master of File Island, Yamato is a bitter, sarcastic shadow of who he used to be. Caught in a dangerous relationship between Taichi and Taichi's lover, Koushiro, Yamato has become a recluse; his only drive to defeat the threat to his reign, Gennai's new Chosen team.

JYOU - Jyou has greatly changed since he first entered the Digital World. His kind and compassionate side had been overridden over the years, morphing his into the cruel ruler of the Northern WWW Continent. He spends his time experimenting on digimon, trying to create better monsters out of others' pieces and proving himself and his medical skills superior to Koushiro's programming way of creating digimon.

We're looking for a few dedicated writers ready to jump into our Alternate Universe Digimon and Digimon 02 game. If you have the time and the drive, come on over! We'd be excited to have you as part of our close knit community.



In 2001, on Earth, a group of children go on a school camping trip. Seven children vanish during the first day with no trace. Since then and the case has gone cold. Only the families of the missing children remember what happened.

In the Digital World, though, seven children have turned from saviors into tormentors and tyrants. The Digidestined, children chosen to rescue the DigiWorld, have instead enslaved the world to their wills.

Years later, Gennai is finally able to send out for help. So begins Digimon Redux.

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