The Mods of Pigfarts RP (pigmods) wrote in rpg_admin,
The Mods of Pigfarts RP

Let's go to Pigfarts!

For millions of years, Pigfarts has stood ahead of the crowd as the most interesting of schools (on Mars, of course), and the only one to specifically teach advanced wizardry. It was home to many an experiment, mixing magic with technology, and exploring the vast reaches of the universe.

One day, they did not stop at their universe.

Rumbleroar was in his lair enjoying an episode of Stargate, when he was struck with inspiration. A portal was what he needed- a portal to get more student to his school much, much, much more quickly than a regular old spaceship. But Rumbleroar, being a truly amazing wizard, made the portal a little too well. Instead of just connecting with Earth, it connected to thousands of other worlds and universes in all kind of parallel dimensions.

And that’s where you come in!

Whether you were on a battlefield, under the sea, of in a quiet country town, you’ve suddenly found yourself transported to the grand space station of Pigfarts, with a whole new set of powers and magic to replace your old ones (if you had any).

What’s that? You want to go home?

Well………… we’re working on it. In the meantime, get yourself sorted, sign up for some classes, and enjoy the beauty of Mars!

Currently only applications and reservations are open, depending on how many people are interested a date will then be decided when the whole thing will be open.

Rules | Applications | Holds | FAQ | Taken Characters | List of Classes | House Descriptions

Network | Logs | Crack comm
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