January 9th, 2015

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Las Vegas

It’s been ten years since the first news reports documented strange occurrences. The dead rising from the ground. Bodies drained of blood. Even humans sprouting hair and howling at the moon. Things that for centuries had been considered myth and legend were thrown into the limelight and spokespersons of these creatures made their stance clear. Humanity could except that they were real or they could deny it, either way they had been pushed well and truly down the food chain.

A place no one should really have been surprised was founded on blood and ran by these creatures was Las Vegas, Nevada. It had been known to many as Sin City, a place where mistakes are made and money is lost, but since the supernatural beings have gone public, Las Vegas has become a place where a mistake can cost you your life. With most establishments ran and frequented by supernatural beings, and no real laws to govern them, Las Vegas’ lights have become a beacon calling its brethren home.

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