May 19th, 2014

Witch Weekly (Harry Potter RPG)

Society Cannot Survive Without Gossip and Rumors
Do you know what happens four years after a community finally stops being at war? No one is hiding. No one is just fighting to survive anymore. As people rebuild their lives, they find the foundation of life hasn't truly changed at all. People have friends, jobs, and lives. Now they just can relish in a sense of security they thought they may never have again.

Unexpectedly the generation emerging as adults now have the attention of those around them and, mainly, the attention of those reading the pages of the Witch Weekly. In truth, they have became almost celebrities in their own right in the community without their permission. Some acknowledge this status for themselves or their friends; others try to hide from it and keep their lives private.
In the aftermath, people seem to want to live a quieter life, but those who are watching from the outside don't always want to keep it that way. Those who were students are now adults, trying to build their own life outside of war and the hallowed halls of Hogswarts. But the social pages of the Witch Weekly have gotten more and more popular as the writer began to shine a spotlight on all many. Readers at least have decided to just embrace the new attitude in the media. Gossip is just right the corner at every turn for just about anyone.

With the spotlight on them, no one is safe from being written about in the gossip pages that seem to try to build scandal and rumors on anything they could find.

Now in the year 2003, will you try to hide from the light or embrace it?





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