August 15th, 2013

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Arcturus Academy was founded in 1614 by an Englishman named Underhill Perryvall. The Perryvall family had an excellent reputation as explorers and scholars, but they also had a secret. Their line was a magical one, with every member of the family being born a witch. Tragedy struck when Underhill's only daughter, Lucy, was turned into a vampire. Underhill sought to bring his daughter to Arcturus to keep her safe, but she was ultimately killed by wary villagers in their travels. Rather than be destroyed by his own loss, Underhill sought to honor his daughter's memory by making it is life's work to help others like her. In his mind, Arcturus was the perfect place for vampires to live peacefully, as from November to February the island is cast in polar night. The school was built slowly over the course of his lifetime, with many enchantments being placed on the island itself so it could not be found by those who were not strictly invited. The university came first, and some hundred years or so later the boarding school – which now covers grades 9 – 12 – was built as well.

Today, no one in the outside world knows that Arcturus Academy is anything more than a very prestigious school. It's alumni boasts some of the most powerful people in the modern world, and both a pre-law and pre-med program to rival that of Harvard University. However, its student body is not exactly what one might expect. It is not only the wealthy and powerful who send their children to Arcturus. No, to study at Arcturus you must be invited. And only those who have had their lives touched by the preternatural receive such an invitation.

Vampires, witches, werecreatures, psychics, elementals – all these things exist, and they and their families are always welcome at Arcturus.
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