September 28th, 2003

Introductions and all...

Hallo, hallo.

Just joined, so I supposed that introducing myself would be a good idea.

Name's Char, and I've been roleplaying for...quite a while, I suppose. From semi-LARP with my sister to message board style RPGs, I'd say I've been at it for about four or five years.

I've been running two messageboard-style RPGs for over two years now, and they are my darling babies. ^_^
One is a kind of major crossover-random-type thing called Random Universes.
The other is a rather serious Fushigi Yugi game called FCTY.

I love both of my games to death, but have an absolutely terrible time actually recruiting players! I am cursed with frequently disappearing characters. Does anyone have suggestions about getting more (reliable) players?

Thank you, and nice to meet you all! ^_^
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