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Sunday, August 31st, 2003

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Introductions, introductions...
Hi-ho, I'm new here. :3 The name's Kerri, but you're more than welcome to call me Naru. Anyways...I'm 17 and I've only really been role-playing for two years, but.. XD;;

I do most of my playing on message boards or in AIM/chat. But I've also been roped into a Livejournal-based game recently. ;) I run my own game over at EZBoard (*cough. gag. hack. sputter* I'm so cheap. n_n) It's based on Fushigi Yuugi (an anime), although most of the characters are original due to the story. But...um. Yeah. Check it out if you want, I've been running it for over a year and I'm proud of it. XD

Link: Shinzuiden: A Fushigi Yuugi RPG

Nice to meet you all! ^____^

Current Mood: awake

(Get out the thinking cap.)

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