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Saturday, April 19th, 2003

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Hello all

Just joined the community I'm hoping to find out some fun and interesting things. I've been role playing for over half my life, (being 17 that isn't all that long but stil it's nice to say) I just started running games recently and have a new found respect for all the DM's that I have played with. I'm looking to meet some people so anyone that wants to talk just drop me a line. (especially girls)

A little about myself if anyone wants to know. I'm 17, I live in Michigan and love to play the heroic knight of any story. I live by a strict code of chivalry! My favorite type of NPC to run is one that is a complete ass, but has the stats to back it up. I just recently found the best role playing experince you can, KANAR. Live action role playing! It's going to be a blast when I finally get out to the field. That's all the interesting stuff about me.


(Get out the thinking cap.)

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