January 31st, 2003

can fly

New misery: Isa Rookie.

Hey. Precisely 24 hours ago, I would never have had a reason for joining this community. Which is to say, I've not been staff before now -- helper/fachead at most -- and while I'm not terribly frightened, I am hoping to pick up some clues from all you MU* admin-buffs here.

The first thing I learned that twinky powers are difficult to prune, regardless, I suppose, of whether one is trying to be be civil about it or blunt and sick to death of staring at the same paragraphs over and over again. I hope I haven't screwed up irreparably.

Rock on, ladies and gents. >D And thank you, fallofrain, for picking such an oppurtune moment to create this forum. Ar! --Bchan.
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